Assignment 2

10 Content Specific Applications

  1. Popular Science- I would definitely use this app to show articles that are pertinent to my science curriculum. Students can browse through articles and photos and can save them to revisit them for review. Another application of this magazine is to show articles that relate to scientific current events.
  2. The Elements-This application would be fantastic when introducing the periodic table! Besides showing the basics like atomic weight, mass, etc., the iPad’s awesome graphics show a picture of each element that you can rotate! It gives real life examples of the elements, the elements history and relevance to our world and can even be seen in 3D!
  3. The Weather Channel-Students would undoubtedly benefit from this application, especially during our weather unit. The app allows you to see live, local radar, the 36 hour outlook and the 10 day forecast. Another interesting aspect is that you can check the weather of any city in the world!
  4.! An app that every student could use! Students in my language arts class would definitely benefit from an electronic dictionary. Instead of adding another book to their backpack, this could be an app on their iPod or iPhone. Besides finding definitions, also gives antonyms, synonyms, and a word of the day. I currently use WOD in my classes and have to put them up on the Smart Board. If every student had this app then the students could use their own technology and go at their own speed as well.
  5. Calculator-This app would be a helpful tool for my students. Having multifaceted technology would decrease the amount of things in the kids backpacks. Kids are way less likely to forget their phones, iPod’s or iPad’s. Therefore, they will always have a calculator for my science classes!
  6. NBC Nightly News-This would be a great app to use in science or language arts. I would have my students write summaries from news videos. The NBC Nightly News app would be beneficial for using worldwide current events.
  7. USA Today-Students in my Language Arts class write "Headlines" about the happenings in their weekends. I would use the USA Today to discuss what a, "Headline" is, what makes a good "Headline", and I would use it for current events as well.
  8. Mirror in Your Pocket-How does my hair and makeup look? Do I have anything in my teeth? This app would normally be great for the average teenager or a student in my science class! We use mirrors for several labs in our Sound and Light Unit. Instead of having students use mirrors provided by me, they can get out their handy iPad or iPhone and use the Mirror in Your Pocket! Every year on average I have about 2 break so this would be nice for my science budget as well!
  9. Google Earth-This application would work great in either science or language arts. In science, when discussing earth science and topics such as faults or volcanoes, you could actually bring up the fault of volcano that you’re referring to. In language arts, you could use Google Earth to visit locations that are in the news. On 9/11 you could visit the actual site. Another example would be that in our read aloud, the story takes place in Manhattan. Most kids don’t understand what it’s like to live in a city that large. The story refers to many different landmarks as well. It would be a neat learning experience to visually be able to see these places when reading the book.
  10. Frog Dissection-Even though dissection is not an integral part of my science curriculum, so many students ask me every year if we are going to dissect anything! I love that students want to learn about animals and I want to take advantage of that moment. Despite the lack of dissections materials and tools, I can use the Frog Dissection application to explore different animals and dissection methods. The kids really get into it and with the iPad it will make the dissection more real and life like.

5 Personal Applications
1. One of the main applications my kids and I use on my iTouch and iPad is Netflix. My kids can upload several free movies and TV shows very easily. This is great for the car! That way, when my 2 and 1 year old's want to watch The Backyardigans, my 7 year old can watch iCarly! Happy children make happy parents!

2. Another personal application I use a lot Facebook. It's so nice to not have to boot up my desktop computer! I can check FB quickly and see whats going on with my family and friends. The only thing I don't like is that I can't manage my account, like hide someone for instance, but it's really nice to see on a larger screen, instead of the iTouch.

3. The Sudoku app keeps me busy during car rides. I like that it makes me feel more mathamatically gifted, (I am quite the opposite). Before when I used this app on the iTouch I didn't like that the boxes were so small, but now with the iPad, it's more easy to read.

4. My son loves to play with many apps but he spends most of his time on Shape Builder. On Shape Builder he puts puzzles together. When the puzzle is complete the puzzle turns into a graphic of what the puzzle was and a sweet lady says, "Ooh, raspberries!" It helps him with vocabulary, thinking and fine motor skills. He loves it!

5. The Weather Channel is an app that I can use at home and school. Sometimes I check this app multiple times during the day. My schedule doesn't always allow for me to watch the evening news so when I want to know what the weather will be like tomorrow, or see if I need to cover my plants, I just turn on my iTouch or iPad and check it out. The Weather Channel app also lets me see what the weather is like all over the world, so it's nice to help plan for trips and vacations.