Assignment 3

Present an Application

I am reading the book Code Orange as a read aloud in my language arts class. I use this book because foremost it’s a really good book. Secondly, it is has won many awards. Lastly, it incorporates science so I can use it cross curricularly, which is nice.

Summary from
Mitty Blake who is a junior at St. Raphael’s, a Manhattan prep school in New York City. It is a school for the very smart or the very rich. Mitty’s family is in the “very rich” category. He could care less about doing his schoolwork. Mitty would rather listen to his iPod and roam the streets. But he must do a paper on small pox for biology class. While staying the weekend at his parent’s country home in Connecticut, Mitty discovers some very old medical texts and decides to use these for his research. While thumbing through the old text, he comes across an envelope containing scabs from the 1902 smallpox epidemic in Boston. After handling the scabs, it occurs to him that he could get smallpox from handling them, so he sends anonymous emails to various agencies to try to get some answers. The recipients get suspicious and forward the emails to the FBI. Before the FBI can find Mitty, a terrorist group that plans to use him as a biological weapon kidnaps him. Mitty is trapped and nobody knows where he is. Left alone, with nobody to rely on but himself, Mitty transforms from a laid-back slacker to an ingenious man of action. Although the plot stretches credibility, story is intriguing, suspenseful and enjoyable to read. Mitty is a likeable guy, and the reader is happy to see him take charge of his life.
New York City, New York; St. Raphael's Prep School in Manhattan, NYC, NY; February, 2004; Also, Roxbury, Connecticut - the weekend home of the Blake's in the country - it is 90 miles northeast of New York City, NY
I will use Google Earth to take my students to downtown Manhattan, Connecticut and other key places in the story Code Orange. Showing my students the actual sites described in the book will allow them to make connections which increases their understanding of the reading. Many of our students have no idea what big city life is all about. I will show the students many things that the book refers to such as the fact that the majority of the people in New York city do not own cars. It’s not because they can’t afford them, but there is no room to park them! Our kids have a hard time grasping this idea so by showing them the streets of downtown New York, they can get a better idea of city life. I would also show them where the story takes place, including finding St. Raphael’s, the University of Columbia Medical Library, Bird Island etc. We are also learning about reading strategies so having the kids connect to the text via Google Earth would be amazing.