Assignment 4

Audiobooks / E-Books

My Personal e-book is called Little Miss Mary and The Big Monster Makeover. My daughter Lily and I read this book when I first got my iPad. We read at bedtime and I got home from class just in time to read to her. We were so excited about our new iPad so we decided to use it! I like that it’s saved on my iPad so we can go back to it another night to finish reading it. I also think it will be neat to read in the car. I hope to get several books for everyone in the family. It’s fun to read on the iPad!
Totopov, G, & Cassidy, C. (2007). Little miss mary and the big monster makeover. Next Line Publishing.

My educational e-book that I will share with my students will be Stargirl, by Jerry Spinelli. Stargirl is an enchanted character that lives her life on her own terms. She fights the idea of popularity with charm. This story is both hilarious and heartwarming. My students have loved this book in the past, this year with it as an e-book, it should be even better!
Spinelli, J. (2006). Stargirlr. Random House.