Assignment 7

Journal Reflection

What impact do you expect to see as a result of using this technology in the classroom?

I am a firm believer that as educators, we should stay ahead of the curve as far as technology is concerned. Kids today are using an enormous amount of technology everyday in their homes. To make school engaging and exciting we should be using technology that our students aren't. I think that having an iPad in the class as a teacher would be great but to have a real impact on individudal student learning every child would need one of their own.

How do you plan to continue to use your iPad in your personal life? Professional life?

I would love to use my iPad at home. Unfortunately, my husband and three children don't allow me to use it. Everyone in our family, including my 18 month old, use my iPad, everyday! It's unbelieveable how well my 1 and 2 year old do with the iPad. It's crazy that they are learning and having fun with technology at this age! We are already thinking about purchasing another one so my husband and I have one, and my kids have one too!

As far as professionally, I don't think that my iPad will be that big of a deal. There is some wow factor there, but unless all the kids have them, it's really not going to be that impressive. I might show them some apps but thats about it.

What have you learned from others' sharing that you would like to try or explore more of?

Holly presented the app Cool Facts which can be used during STRIDE or any of my classes. Some of the facts on this site would be great for writing promts. For example, "A giraffe's tongue is 17 inches long." You can change the fact or eliminate a word in the fact and have the kids guess it. Some of the facts are random, some are funny, but they are all educational.

Jenny showed us the app from USA Today called The Picture in the Day. I would love to do this during Langauge Arts for journaling. You can show the kids several pictures and they can freewrite about whatever the picture makes them feel, or they can write about it if they have been there etc. You can also use the articles for spelling and vocabulary purposes. You can have each student read as many articles as necessary to find a certain number of vocabulary words.

Joann showed us the My Congress application. This is perfect to show the kids during this election month! The app shows both Representatives and Senators, how they voted in the past, YouTube videos, articles and Tweets about them as well. This is really great, and I'm only sorry that I didn't know about until after the election!

Dave showed us the app Quick Graph. It's a graphing calculator that has capabilities that go beyond the regular graphing calculators. You can type in an equation and the app shows you a graph, in either 2D or 3D! While Dave's presentation was unbelieveable it was about math. I have a mental block against math, so I didn't really get it and definitely won't use it.

Describe the presentation you gave today and the application you shared/demonstrated.

During my Language Arts class I use Read Alouds and am currently reading the book Code Orange by Caroline Cooney. The setting of the story is Manhattan. Although I cannot asssume that all my students haven't traveled in their 12 years of life, I can safely assume that most kids haven't. Therefore, I decided to use Google Earth to show my students what big city life is all about. I took major places in our book and showed those real live places on Google Earth. I think that the connections the students made by seeing these actual places online will help them understand the story better and give them an idea of what living in a big city is all about.